5 Things Every Stylish Home Needs

Just like every stylish wardrobe needs a well-tailored suit, a little black dress and jeans that fit you like a glove, there are a few key things every stylish home should have.


A Well-Styled Coffee Table

Your coffee table should be functional space that also adds visual interest and personality  to the space. A unique serving tray, your favorite coffee table book, and few decorative items = Instant style.

My coffee table (shown below) reflects a few things that I love – anything gold, vanilla scented candles…and Jay-Z (that’s his book, DECODED). Click here for more tips on How to Style a Coffee Table



A Curated Bookshelf

The key to a perfectly curated bookcase is incorporating  items with different textures, heights, and finishes – think books, small plants, framed artwork, photographs, baskets made of natural materials, etc. After moving into my home, I knew I wanted a bookcase that was not only sturdy, but also unique. After 6 months or more, I found this beauty (shown below) made of re-purposed doors from Tibet. To create an artsy vibe, I removed the covers from all of my books and arranged them by color. Vintage photographs of my great uncle from the 1930s add a touch of classic style.



A Pop of Color

Whether you paint the walls, add vibrant throw pillows or bold artwork, adding unexpected bursts of color here and there really brings a room life.


McGill Design Group



Items With Personal Meaning On Display

Integrating a few personal items into decor instantly turns a house into a home. Objects you have collected during your travels or antiques that have been passed down through generations reflect who you are and what you love. Although my mother’s vintage Louis Vuitton handbag is a little too small for me to carry, It’s the perfect addition to my entryway table that reflects my eclectic style and my love of vintage fashion.

Entry_Table2_Interior_by_Kiki (1)



Bathroom accessories (that aren’t plastic)

Say “buh bye” to the toothbrush holder and soap dish from the Dollar Tree and upgrade to heftier, more polished bathroom accessories like these from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.


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  1. I can Dig the bathroom accessories it make you feel like a real adult and add some style to your home. Coffee table idea is good also. I had a book shelf growing up and it didn’t look like this LOL good stuff as always!

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