Do you avoid inviting family and friends to your home because making your home “presentable” seem s close to impossible? Would you rather have a root canal than spend your weekend scrubbing floors? Well, my friend, today’s post, the last in my Clean Slate series, is just for you! I’m sharing my favorite, time-saving, house cleaning tips. So, grab your rubber gloves and let’s get started.

The Best House Cleaning Tips for People Who Hate to Clean


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House Cleaning Tip #1 – Clean As You Go

Clean the shower right after you’re done showering. Wipe up fresh spills and wipe down counters while you’re cooking that five course meal. Hang your coat as soon as come in the house. Cleaning as you go prevents a small mess from becoming a bigger one that you’ll be tempted to avoid.


House Cleaning Tip #2 – Stop Them in their Tracks

Implement the No Shoes Allowed Policy. Don’t let the fear of being called pretentious get in the way of your clean house goal. Welcome mats may help but, shoes still track in dirt which equates to dirty floors that have to be cleaned more often. Yes, some friends and family may call me “bougie” (is that a bad thing?) but they know to kick off those shoes when they walk in the door.


House Cleaning Tip #3 – Do Your Dishes After Every Meal

Avoid the urge to let dishes “soak.” We’re all guilty of doing it. But, we also know it’s just an excuse to veg out on the sofa and rub our full bellies after dinner.  It’s also a good idea to wash bowls and utensils used to prep food as you’re cooking to reduce your after dinner cleaning time.


House Cleaning Tip #4 – Plan the work. Work the plan.

Commit to spending at least 25 minutes a day tidying up your home. Doing a few quick cleaning tasks everyday will eliminate the hours of scrubbing you’ll have to do if you wait. Create a cleaning schedule that will help you organize your tasks and develop a routine that you more likely to stick to. Check out my daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedules that you can use to create your own cleaning plan.

Daily House Cleaning Checklist

Weekly House Cleaning Checklist

Monthly House Cleaning Checklist


House Cleaning Tip #5 – Let the Music Play

Believe or not, I have an iTunes playlist named “Cleaning.” The right soundtrack can instantly boost your mood and get you moving a little faster. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna help me power through my cleaning tasks… and work on my dance moves!

Kiki’s Power Cleaning Playlist



Share your house cleaning tips or some of the songs on your “Cleaning” playlist in the comments section. I can’t wait to read them!


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