Let me tell you a little story. Jane started reading the INTERIORStyle by Kiki blog and following  INTERIORStyle on Pintrest,  She got super excited and inspired to finish the decorating project she’s been putting off forever. Jane looked at the furniture and decor she’d accumulated over the years. She noticed her things didn’t really make sense together. And more importantly, she didn’t particularly love the things she had and they didn’t really reflect her personality. Jane was suffering from a major decorating identity crisis.  Does this sound like you? Don’t worry. It can happen to the best of us. There are so many interior design styles out there, it’s  easy to get confused about which one suits you. On top of that, knowing which styles can be mixed can be even more confusing. Don’t worry, your condition is totally curable. The first step is pinpointing your personal interior design style. How you decorate your space should be a reflection of your personality and your style. Not sure what your interior design style is? Take this What Is My Decorating Style quiz to discover which interior design style suits you the best. 

Interior Design Style Quiz



Now that you have been cured, it’s only right that you help others suffering.

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