Every year around this time, my Facebook timeline is flooded with “New Year, New Me” status updates. People are vowing to purge their “friends list” (that one always makes me laugh), lose weight, save money, or just be happier. But what about making New Years Resolutions for your home? After all, it’s probably one of your biggest investments and where a lot of us spend most of our time.  I’ve compiled a short list of things we can do in the New Year to make the time we spend at home a little more enjoyable.



New Year, New Home: New Years Resolutions For Your Home


Resolution #1 – Eliminate the clutter and get organized

I promise – You will enjoy your home so much more once you eliminate the junk and find designated places for all of your stuff. Here’s what has worked for me:  Start with a smaller area. I chose my kitchen junk drawer but, the laundry room or a coat closet are also good options. A quick win will give you the motivation to take on the bigger projects like your bedroom closet or a garage.  In the process, you may even realize your closets aren’t as small as you thought. For more home organization tips, click here and here.


Via California Closets/Rubbermaid


Resolution #2 – Don’t turn coffee tables and dining tables into an extension of your purse (or man bag)

Resist the urge to make your dining room table or coffee table the dumping ground for mail, magazines, receipts, and other junk from your purse.  Instead, why not find a permanent home for those miscellaneous items and actually eat at your dining room table every once in a while? And use your coffee table to showcase your favorite collectibles and your personal style.


NewYears_Coffee Table

via Jay Gooby-Kiki Hood (Kiki’s Coffee Table)

Resolution #3 – Never let a small budget prevent you from decorating

Whether your budget is $100 or $100,000 there are many creative ways to give your home a makeover without breaking the bank. Personally, I have found some really great deals on furniture from Etsy and Craigslist. You can also decorate by using what you have – re-paint, slipcover, or re-purpose your existing furniture. You can also scour garage sales, thrift stores, or a relative’s attic for diamonds in the rough.


via Elle Decor


Resolution #4 – Roll out the Welcome Mat – every once in a while

I’m naturally an introvert which means I need my quiet time and I really enjoy my own company. However, this year, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family and I have to say, I  really enjoyed it. I even enjoyed the time I spent prepping for my guests. It made me happy to see my loved ones enjoying my home as much as I do. If hosting a major holiday event seems a bit overwhelming to you, start with something small like a couples’ game night or Sunday brunch with close friends.


via Bed Bath and Beyond


Have you made any New Years Resolutions for your home? Share them with me in the comments section.


Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2016!






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  1. Good stuff I need too really work on my closet!!! And sometimes working with a small budget does scare me when it comes to decorating but I’m going to push forward thanks a lot good stuff as always!

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