Summer time and the livin’ is easy…there’s something about Summer that energizes me. Maybe it’s constant supply of sunshine or longer days and shorter nights. Besides my yearly goal of getting “summer time fine” my creative juices really start flowing this time of year. I want try new things, travel to places I’ve never been before – and of course, refresh my decor. I don’t even have to buy new stuff! Simply rearranging and remixing what I have is all I need to do to bring new life to my space. Check out these  three, super easy, inexpensive ways to refresh your decor without spending a dime.


Design Remix: Refresh Your Decor Without Spending a Dime


Embrace Nature

Don’t overlook the beauty of your natural surroundings. Colorful, seasonal fruits placed in a wooden bowl or tree branches in a glass vase make a wonderful centerpiece in your living room or kitchen.


via: HGTV



Clear The Counters

Transform your cluttered bath to a spa-like retreat. Stash your hair and beauty products under the sink or in your linen closet. Use 1 or 2 products in pretty containers as decor. In my master bathroom decor (shown below)  makeup wedges stored in an inexpensive apothecary jar, a small plant and a lamp equal simple yet, chic decor.




Style Your Bookcase

Bookcases can quickly become a cluttered catch-all for books, magazines, kids’ toys, old bills – you name it.  Why not turn your bookcase into a visually appealing display of your style and personality? I turned the books in my bookcase (shown below) into art by grouping them by color and turning a few on their sides. A few small accessories along with framed photos add unique personal touches.




About these photos: After my great Uncle Johnny passed, my grandmother was going through his personal items. She found  these photos taken of him (in the 1950s I believe) as he walked down the street. I was drawn to the classic style and had them copied and enlarged. Doesn’t he look like a handsome model?

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