Top 5 Interior Decorating Mistakes (and how to fix them)

Sure, you may not have pea green appliances and shag carpet. But, that doesn’t mean you’re innocent, my friend. You may be guilty of major crimes…in decorating! Now, I’m sure your intentions were good. Perhaps, lack of time, money, or maybe bad advice got you off track. Today,  I am sharing the 5 biggest interior decorating mistakes and how to fix them. No repeat offender status for you.

The Top 5 Interior Decorating Mistakes and How to Fix Them


“Toilet Toupees”

Not only are toilet seat covers (aka “toilet toupees”) and bath mats outdated, they draw attention to THE most unappealing object in the bathroom.  THE FIX: Opt for an eye-catching, rectangular rug placed away from the toilet.

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Floating Area Rugs

Rugs that are too small make the space feel uninviting and disjointed. THE FIX: Select a larger area rug that unifies elements within the space and makes the room appear larger.

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Empty Entryways

An empty foyer gives a cold, uninviting first impression to guests. THE FIX: Select a console table and unique accessories that reflect your interests and personality.

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Curtains that are too short

Curtains that are too short draw the eye down making the room seem smaller. THE FIX: Allowing curtains to either: a) skim the floor or b)  “puddle” on the floor creates a more polished look. And your ceilings will appear higher.

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Furniture pushed against walls

Pushing furniture against the wall can make the space appear larger however, it fails to create an intimate, cozy feel. THE FIX: Arrange furniture in groupings and move them to the middle of the room to encourage interaction  and conversation.

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You’re amongst friends. No judgment here. How many of these interior decorating faux pas are you guilty of? How you plan to avoid repeat offender status? Share with us in the comments.

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Home Decor Trends You Should Definitely Try

If you have been rocking with INTERIORStyle for any period of time, then you know that my mantra is “your home should be a reflection of who you are” – those are words to live and decorate by. But just like you might thumb through the latest issue of InStyle or Vogue for a little wardrobe inspiration, it doesn’t hurt to check out the latest home decor trends for interior decorating inspiration. In fact, mixing a few trendy decorative accents with your personal style will help your space feel “current” while still reflecting who you are. According to industry experts here are the some of the hottest home decor trends right now.

What’s Hot:  5 Home Decor Trends You Should Definitely Try


Home Decor Trend #1 – Velvet

What is that?! Velvet?! Why yes, it is. Velvet is a multi-dimensional fabric that adds a little personality to your space. I personally love velvet sofas but a headboard or throw pillows does an equally fabulous job of adding a touch of luxury or funkiness to any room.


decorating trends

PHOTO: Urban Outfitters


decorating trends

PHOTO: World Market



PHOTO: West Elm



Home Decor Trend #2 – Curves

Embrace the curves, baby!  Ditch the L-shaped sectional and get a sexy, 70s-inspired curved sofa. They look great from every angle in the room and add an unexpected dash of style.




decorating trendscirca-sofa-decorating_trends

PHOTO: Circa Sofa – Z Gallerie



PHOTO: Robey Snow Curved Sofa – CB2


Home Decor Trend #3 – Metallics

In 2018, it’s time to say goodbye to the usual, predictable stainless steel fixtures. Brass is back! Actually, it never left my space. I’ve loved gold and brass decor since I was an 8 yr old watching Dynasty in the 80s. Brass is a surprisingly warm and subtle alternative to the expected steel accents. 

decorating trends


decorating trends





Home Decor Trend #4 – Purple Reigns!

Pantone has named Ultra Violent color of the year – expect to see it pop in very unexpected ways. Purple is often associated with power, royalty, and luxury. Go big and bold with a purple accent wall or piece of furniture. Or take the more subtle approach with a few purple decorative accessories.

decorating trends

.decorating trends


decorating trends

PHOTO: Libby Langdon


Home Decor Trend #5  – Colorful Kitchens

Yes, the white or dark wood cabinets – granite countertops combination will probably always reign supreme.  But why not inject your kitchen with a little personality by incorporating vibrant colors? Add a colorful backsplash; paint your lower cabinets or kitchen island an unexpected color like navy blue or green. Not quite ready for a major kitchen DIY project? No problem – a colorful rug, artwork or tablecloth are also great low effort ways to bring your kitchen to life.







PHOTO:  Lauren Nelson Design


PHOTO: Daphne Nauleau Interior Design


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5 Game Day Cocktails For Your Next Tailgate Party

You and I know that having a few good “adult beverages” is an essential part of any tailgate party. There’s nothing like tasty game day cocktails to get everyone amped up for gridiron action…and trash talking. Of course you could serve old faithful –  beer. But, why not step it up a notch with one of these game day cocktails (or all of them) at your next tailgate party.


5 Tasty Game Day Cocktails

For Your Next Tailgate Party



#1 The Alabama Slammer

I roll with The Tide so of course, the Slammer is on my list. According to legend,  this colorful cocktail was first shaken at the University of Alabama in 1975. It’s also said to be the signature drink of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.


via Simon Ford/



#2 Bourbon Slush

The Bourbon Slush is like an ICEE – for adults. The combination of brown liquor, black tea, and citrus juice is sweet and refreshing. However, I must warn you – this one packs a pretty potent punch.


Bourbon_Slush (1)



#3 Beer Punch

Why give your fellow tailgaters Bud Lime-o-Ritas when you can whip up a quick batch of this festive Beer Punch made with fresh fruit.

game day cocktails

Via Sunny Anderson/Food Network



#4 Knock Me Out Punch

A perfect game day cocktail for the tequila lovers in your crew. Don’t let the name scare you – I’m pretty sure you’ll make it through all four quarters.


via Will Drink For Travel



#5 Classic Bloody Mary

A savory Bloody Mary is the perfect cocktail choice for a 11:00 am kick-off on any given Saturday in the Fall


Image:Tim Nusog



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Cheers to a Winning Season!





Restore Old Tile Grout: How to Make Dingy Tile Grout Look Brand New

Since we’ve gotten to know each over the past few years, I feel comfortable sharing something personal with you guys. I have an addiction. That’s right…my name is Kiki. And I’m addicted to cleaning products and gadgets.  I enjoy cleaning; it relaxes me and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Call me a weirdo but there’s just something about the lines in freshly vacuumed carpet or the faint smell of Clorox. So you can imagine my frustration every time I walked into my bathroom and laid eyes on the dingy, gross tile floor grout. I’d tried everything to restore my bathroom tile to its former glory. Oxyclean, Kaboom, baking soda, a pumice stone – you name it. Nothing worked. Take a look for yourself.



Bathroom Tile Grout – Before


Fast forward to a couple of months ago. I was perusing the aisle in Lowe’s one Saturday morning and stumbled upon  a product called Grout Refresh.


Grout Refresh – $10.98 available at Lowe’s

According to the label, Grout Refresh promises to make gross, dingy looking grout look brand spanking new. I was a bit skeptical but I thought “What the hay, let’s give it a try.” And I must say, IT WORKS!! This is the perfect Weekend warrior project because it will only take a few hours (depending on the size of your bathroom) and few supplies.



Restore Old Tile Grout: How To Make Dingy Tile Grout Look Brand New



  1. Grout Refresh (Note: one bottle covers up to 300 sq ft)
  2. An old toothbrush or small paintbrush
  3. Painter’s Tape (optional)
  4. Rags (for clean up)
  5. Paper Towels or Microfiber cloth
  6. Spray bottle of water


  1.  Make sure your floor is clean, dry and free of dust, dirt or loose particles – basically, any substance that may prevent adhesion. 

  2.  Apply painter’s tape to the edges of each floor tile. (Note: this step is optional. I used painter’s tape for one of my bathrooms. Painter’s tape makes clean up a little easier however, I had to do more touch ups when I used it).

  3.  Shake the product well before using.

The Process

  1.  Apply thin bead of Grout Refresh in the middle of the grout joint avoiding the tile surface as much as possible.

  2.  Use your paintbrush or toothbrush to spread evenly. Periodically work your brush into grout joint in a back-and-forth motion; this allows the colorant to really penetrate the grout.

Clean Up

  1.  Allow Grout Refresh to dry for  20 to 25 minutes.

  2.  Spray a light mist of water on the tile with water and allow to stand for 5 minutes.

  3.  Using a clean, damp rag, gently rub the tile surface to remove the colorant. Make sure you avoid the actual grout joint.

  4.  Buff dry with a clean paper towel or microfiber towel and repeat the process, if needed, after 30 minutes.



Restore Old Tile Grout: The Big Reveal




Bathroom Tile Grout – After



Kiki’s Bathroom

[Hey guys: excuse the shadow around the toilet. I’m still working on my photography skills]


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Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself


It’s been almost four years since I tossed the fear of failure to the side and started my little blog. My hope was that I’d be able re-connect with something I’ve been passionate about since I was little girl – making things pretty, i.e  interior decorating. I also hoped that a few people (outside of my immediate family) would read it, enjoy it and perhaps be inspired. I’ve accomplished both goals and learned so much along the way. I mean I didn’t even know what WordPress was four years ago and I built INTERIORStyle by Kiki by myself – thanks to tons of late night google searches. And I must say, it looks pretty damn good around here! I’m looking forward to taking things to the next level by connecting with more of you and giving you even more tips, ideas, and inspiration to help you create a beautiful space that reflects who you are. Since I want to be your “partner in design” I think it’s only fair that I share a little more about who I am. So, allow me to reintroduce myself by sharing “20 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.”


Ask Kiki: Your Partner in Design


Is your home overdue for a makeover but you just don’t know where to start?

Did you hit a stumbling block in your last decorating project?

Never fear! Your “partner in design “ is here to help. Use the comment section below to share your biggest decorating dilemmas.




The Best Places to Buy Home Decor Online

One of my favorite things to do is strolling down the aisles of a home decor store (At Home is currently my fave). in search of ideas and inspiration. Thanks to the “interwebs” I can do one of my favorite things from the comforts of my sofa – in my comfy pajamas.  While I’m perusing virtual aisles, not only do I get tons of ideas and inspiration, I also great deals on unique home decor and furnishings.  And today, you get to benefit from my many hours digital window shopping. Whether you’re decorating your first home or want to to refresh your current decor, the sites below are, hands down,  some of the best places to shop for home decor online.


Shop Like an Interior Designer: Best Places to Buy Home Decor Online



When they say they have “a zillion things home” they ain’t lying. Wayfair has furniture, lighting, cookware, and home decor across all styles (from traditional to sleek modern) and budgets. Shipping is FREE for orders over $49.00; $4.99 for orders under $49.00.

Kiki’s Fab Find:  When I saw this sleek white lacquer dresser at Wayfair, I knew it would be the perfect TV stand for my home office.



Hayneedle is one of the leading online home furnishings and décor retailers and have one of the largest outdoor living selection. You could spend hours perusing the virtual aisle at Hayneedle – they carry over 3,000 brands including their own in-house brands. Shipping is FREE for orders over $49.00; $4.99 for orders under $49.00



Better Homes and Gardens Davenport 3-Piece Woven Chat Set – $244.06



Joss & Main is a members-only website (don’t worry – it’s free) that offers unique home decor at discount prices. In addition to daily sales events, Joss & Main spotlights collections that highlight design trends and styles. They also feature curated collections in collaboration with celebrities and notable designers.Shipping is FREE for orders over $49.00; $4.99 for orders under $49.00.


Kiki’s Fab Find: This gorgeous demilune cabinet from Joss & Main, doubles as a chic TV stand and extra storage in my bedroom.



Etsy is part virtual flea market (in the best way) and part estate sale. It’s one big buyer/seller community where you can find all kinds of unique, handmade, creative goods and vintage pieces. Shipping costs – may vary as determined by individual sellers. 


Kiki’s Fab Find: I found this fabulous, vintage bar cart for on Etsy for about $200! The seller was even nice enough to disassemble the cart to lower my shipping cost.




Kiki’s Fave** If you’re not fortunate to have a Z Gallerie store where you live – don’t worry. The online store is just as fabulous. Z Gallerie offers fashion-forward furnishings, luxe fabrics and finishes at affordable prices. Shipping costs range from $5.00 – $21.00 depending on the cost of your order.

Kiki’s Fab Find:  I fell in love with this gorgeous desk and chair the moment I saw it Z Gallerie. It was a perfect fit for the modern glam vibe in was trying create for my home office.




If you prefer a sleek, no frills modern design, you have to check on LexMod. Lexmod prides itself on cutting out the “middle man” by direct sourcing limited numbers of their products. And guess what what that means for you? Quality products at affordable prices! LexMod also offers FREE SHIPPING on every order regardless of the dollar amount.


Empress Upholstered Lounge Chair – $279.50



Have you shopped at any of places that made the list? Which one is your favorite? Share in the comments below.

 – Kiki




Trend Alert: Metallic Decor For Every Room

A couple of weeks ago, introduced you to the hottest interior decorating trends for 2018 (if you missed it, check it out here). Now,  I wouldn’t be a good decorating wing woman, if I just told you what’s hot, but I didn’t show you how to get it. I adore gold and brass decor so much that I have a little touch in just about every room in my house. If you’re absolutely mad for metallic decor too, this is your lucky day! I’ve picked out super chic, affordable metallic decor for every room in your house. Take a peek at some of my favorite metallic decor picks and find out where to get them below:


Trend Alert: Metallic Decor for the Living Room


metallic decor

Gem Cut Side Table – West Elm


metallic decor

Maurice Coffee Table –



America Orelia Luxury Coffee Table –  


Trend Alert: Metallic Decor for the Dining Room


metallic decor

Brass Starburst Collin Chandelier – World Market


Broadridge Bar Cart –


metallic decor

Zuo® Eclipse Dining Chairs – Bed Bath and Beyond


Trend Alert: Metallic Decor for the Bedroom



Alchemy Brass Bed – CB2


metallic decor

Brass Ball Table Lamp – Bed Bath and Beyond



Nouveau Mirror 6-Drawer Dresser – West Elm


Trend Alert:  Metallic Decor for the Bathroom


metallic decor

Taymor Antique Rose Mirror Vanity Tray – Bed Bath and Beyond


metallic decor

Taymor® Reign Vanity Stool – Bed Bath and Beyond


metallic decor

Anaheim Lotion Dispenser and Caddy Set – Bed Bath and Beyond


There’s more where that came from! Check out my Pintrest page for more metallic decor ideas and inspiration.




Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

interior decorating ideas

You’ve made your (grocery) list, checked it twice.  You’ve bravely trekked to the local Wal-Mart to get that last can of cranberry sauce. You’ve located the batter stained recipe for Grandma’s award-winning pecan pie. You’re now ready to begin the family tradition of preparing, delicious, coma-inducing food for your loved ones. With hours in the kitchen ahead of you, who has time for Thanksgiving decorations? You do, that’s who! Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. These Thanksgiving decorating ideas are easy, affordable (virtually free) and will create warm, inviting  atmosphere for your guests.


Bar Carts For Every Budget

bar cart

In my last post, I talked about how I became totally obsessed with bar carts (Click here if you missed my confession). Undoubtedly, you are now smittened and searching for a bar cart to call your own. Search no more; I’m here to play matchmaker.  This collection of beautiful bar carts includes various styles to match your unique tastes and various price ranges to fit any budget.